Based in Richmond North Yorkshire, YorSafety can support local and national businesses with health and safety management.

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Services We Offer

Reviewing & Planning

Working with you, we can assess and inspect your current arrangements and come up with a practical action plan for improvement.


We can help and guide you through achieving your improvement goals, and check that the actions taken are being effective.

Staying on top

Drift can happen. Even with the best of intentions, things can change. We can audit and check systems and process to help ensure you stay ahead.

Why Choose Us?

We cover a variety of different health, safety and environmental elements, with over 20 years experience in different industries; we are sure we can support you.

Sensible and Practical Advice
Removing Jargon
Here to enable work, not stop it
Problem solving and keeping compliant
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What's in a name?

At YorSafety, there is reasoning and intention in all our work. We are not in the habit of overlooking critical items.
Take our name. It’s not a spelling error!

Based in Richmond North Yorkshire, we are offering reasonable, practical support and advice on many health and safety matters. We can help with improvements you are looking to make in your work. 

"Providing a complete health and safety service tailored to your business"
"Ensuring that health and safety adds value, and doesn't become obstructive"
"YorSafety, working with you to improve systems, processes and culture"

"I have worked with Ken for over 5 years, he takes a very sensible and practical approach to health and safety. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in operations and has helped and guided me into what, as an engineering department we should be focusing on regarding health and safety. Ken easily engages teams and works with them to get solutions to problems. I would highly recommend Ken as a health and safety professional."

Scott Patterson
Engineering Manager, Zentia


"As a leader my view on health & safety was very much focus on KPIs, and methodology. All necessary, but I was probably missing the big picture, and the organisations I’d been leading probably didn’t reach the highest level from a safety perspective. Having Ken in your team brings you the best level of expertise, bundled with his caring and kind approach. Ken knows how to create a dynamic which reaches all levels of the organisation and brings you to understand the big picture. His holistic approach includes each single individual in the organisation allowing it to make constant progress and avoiding any punishing or patronizing approach which shows quickly its flaws. Ken’s way of developing an efficient health & safety culture is immediately efficient and makes teams and their management very confident in their ability of working in a safe and healthy environment. I am delighted to see Ken offering his expertise and skills to a wider audience: helping companies to strengthen their safety to make them a better place to work and to live."

Christophe Lloret Linares
CEO, Managing Director


Ken was my EHS business partner for several years.

He was a driving force in implementing a successful change program to our already effective safety culture. Challenging the norm, and focusing on the key things that mattered, and ultimately moved the whole business forward.

His technical knowledge of all EHS matters is outstanding, and his approach to caring about people in unsurpassed.

Ken’s ability to leverage his leadership and influencing skills and drive was key to nurturing a true engagement culture throughout the workforce, creating safety teams that not only were backed with the correct safety guidance, but encouraged to have the resource and autonomy to improve in the areas that effected the employees most.

Chris Taylor-Carr
Operations Director, Zentia


Ken has only been with us for a short period of time and has already made significant positive strides in improving our overall health and safety management. He has spent time in the different areas of our operations, being curious to learn what is working and what needs improvement. He played a significant part in developing our internal leadership model and has already increased our engagement in health and safety systems such as reporting hazards and concerns.
Ken quickly became part of our team, and we know we have made the correct choice in engaging with him to support and improve our processes and culture.

Chris Bell
Operations Manager Oasis Floral Products

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