About Us

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Based in Yorkshire and over 20 years experience

Two Workers Talking

Ken Mudd has covered health and safety management in industries such as construction, manufacturing, tourism, and distribution; and is experienced in many elements of health, safety and environmental management.

Ken is a Chartered Member of IOSH and has varying qualifications and certification from NEBOSH up to MSc in Occupational Health and Safety Management. When completing his masters degree he achieved a distinction and was named student of the year in 2017.

The Approach

My approach is one of pragmatism and balance. Safety is another element of everyday work and not THE element. It is something I have recognised, and I like to help with improving operations and the safety of everyday, normal work. To achieve this approach, I work closely with clients, discussing their needs and then also work closely with those doing the job.

The Aim

Involving the workers at the front end performing the work helps provide great insight to how work gets done and what can be done to reduce mistakes and shortcuts. Helping them make correct choices when considering risk, helping prevent accidents and incidents. After all, a reduction in error likely situations, goal conflicts and improvements in work environment, education and equipment availability, work will be more efficient, employees will be safer, and organisations will be compliant. It is a win, win, win!